August 16, 2017


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1) What is the true difference between desktop and mobile marketing?
2) What is a CRM?
3) Because of the rapid growth of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, social media needs to be a key element of your digital strategy
4) Marketing persona is
5) What is the difference between Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting?
6) What is the best way to increase engagement on your website?
7) What percentage of consumers regularly or occasionally go online to conduct research before making an in-store purchase? 
8) What does SaaS stand for?
9) HTTP is more secure than HTTPS
10) The maximum number of characters per Tweet is
11) What is the difference between PPC and SEO?
12) What is a new advertising medium that is in the US top-3 fastest
13) What’s the new artificial intelligence that’s now processing a “very large
fraction” of queries on Google?
14) What is the right sequence of stages in the marketing funnel?
15) On average 51% of traffic comes to websites from

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Welcome to quiz 2

What percentage of businesses say that video is an important part of their digital marketing strategy?

What percentage of people are unlikely to revisit a website they had trouble accessing via a mobile device?

What percentage of digital marketers say that they plan to produce more content for marketing purposes?

Think with Google research shows that when compared to 1st November, Black Friday 2016 online conversion rate increased by?

An August 2016 survey of popularity and awareness amongst children in the US found brands ranked as follow?

Which of the following are core services offered by Digital Clarity

While building a Web page, one should try and avoid adding hypertext links so that you can keep your visitors on your page
On the Web, all you have to do is buy keywords from Google to get rich
To build a good website, all you need is graphic design and a few pictures and a beautiful slider
Social media is a fad and a useless gadget for hipsters


Welcome to Quiz 3

You can change your WP themes using,
How many WordPress posts can I create?
What are WordPress hooks?
Where can I find the wp_config.php file?
What is WP multisite?
Where are my WordPress plugins options stored?
What database does WP use?
What function does WP use to control user access to different features?
What programing language is WordPress written in?
A freshly installed plugin crashes your WordPress site with no access to the dashboard. What can you do to gain back access to the dashboard?
How old is WordPress?
When I upload files and images to my WP site they are stored where?
To access your admin area, you need to put the following URL
What is a permalink?